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1-Pad | 1000 Customer data

Collecting customer data helps you know each customer more individually and treat them that way,” says - Jeff Tanner, professor of marketing at Baylor University and director of the school’s "Business Collaboratory."

And the info you glean from them can empower you to “craft offers that increase purchase rates at higher margins while also delivering better value to the customers because they’re getting things they want."

Customer Pad standard helps you collect:

Personal Information Contact Information Important Date

Together with an APP

Bonus Tips The rocket science to more sales is "Timely Commmunication".

The Pad is not alone, but with a software, setup the database to store your Customer-Pad data on, so its accessible anywhere anytime for your business.

Membersdrive App makes it easy to engage your customers Customer Database Cheap SMS Communication | Free Email Messaging Special Offers: Easily craft offers for Female, Male, Age Groups... customers easily.

Automate Messaging

It can be so tedius to do manually all the time, Automate your messaging to customers. use Membersdrive to send automated mesages to customers on their birthday, when they purchase for the first time, and so on. Tips: Send discounted message on customer birthdays automatically


Data-pad by Membersdrive is a beautiful way of collecting peoples information easily, A Custom Designed Pad for Businesses, Organizations and Personal Use.

Customer Pad - For business owners to collect customers information easily

Customer-Pad is Available for Pre-order

Customer Pad Add Ons

1000 Data

The pad has total of 50 pages and each page collect 20 customer information. Which collects a total of 1000 Customer data.

Data Status

The pad comes with a status checkbox on each page. Tick the box when the collected data have been stored on Membersdrive App.

Data Standard

The Pad standard helps you collect Personal Information, Contact Information and Important Date (Birthday)of customers.


Great Cover

Comes in a very smooth hard cover to prevent tear and comes in nice grip.


Custom designed and branded in 3 colour, you can select your colour preference when ordering.

UX & Binding

The pad leaflets has a extra thickness to ensure the Grip doesnt slightly tear off when maintained.

Smart Business use Customer Pad

Everyone that have engage their customer with our approach have grown more relationship with their customer community and are telling us great stories. Be ready to tell your story.

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