Managing People Should be easy.

Keep and engage people with Membersdrive features.


Table are database container. Create tables to store all kinds of people information. Table has several column types you can choose from. We have optimized every column type to understand People's most important information.

You can add record to your table with Online Form Import and Direct Data Entry


You can easily add unlimited document to records that you have saved in any table. Documents organize all the file that belongs to one particular person in their record.

Send Message.

Sending Individual or Bulk SMS and Email on Membersdrive is easy and you can include personalization in all your communications.

Automated Messages.

Setup automated messages that saves your management communication errors. You can setup automated task for dates like : People Birthdays, Followup, Anniversary, Transaction Messages, Reminders, Subscriptions, e.t.c


Add personal connection to all your communication on Membersdrive, with simple messaging commands like @firstname that insert real peoples name in your messages.


Create as many Categories, Roles and Tags to further organize your records accordingly.

Online form

The fastest way to setup a registration form and populate your tables information. When you create a table you can generate a online form url automaticaly and share it with anyone to fill.


Connect your table to your website and setup automated triggers that can initiate the communication feature when a new record hits your Membersdrive table from your website / app.

Beyond information management

We are building a worldclass people management platform
that connects you to your people easily and effortleslly.

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